FURL: creating and sharing better bookmarks

I came across the FURL site (short for File URLs) because someone has linked to one of my postings about wikis from there — see the interesting collection of wiki-related sites for an example of how FURL works. The site is a useful tool for extending the scope of bookmarking web pages, and because you can share your bookmarks it also provides a useful complement to a blog site.
Self-style ‘usability guru’ Jakob Nielsen pointed out that browsers need better bookmark management in the middle of the last decade. More recently, he has observed that “Web browsers’ despicably weak support for bookmarks/favorites has contributed to the decline in users’ interest in building a list of favorite sites”. FURL helps address this.
I plan to use my FURL archive as a store for online resources that I may or may not write commentaries on here on this site. I’ll add it to the links from the home page in a bit, but right now there’s hardly anything there.

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