Top Ten tools for learning

Jane Hart, Head of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, is polling a number of online learning professionals and bloggers about their favourite tools for learning — from RSS feed aggregators to paper and pencil. Here’s the list of Top Tens so far and here are my selections. The latter are a mix of […]

Is Web 2.0 a manifesto for anarchism?

Here are some chapter headings from a book I read on holiday: The Theory of Spontaneous Order The Dissolution of Leadership Harmony Through Complexity Topless Federations So was it Charles Leadbeater’s latest book or Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything? Nope, it was the book on the left: a 01982 reprint of Colin Ward’s Anarchy […]

Revisiting Subscription versus A-La-Carte models

The contention between subscription and à-la-carte models for online music has been running for at least five years, and I suspect it has at least another five years left to run. Rhapsody was the first to start offering a subscription service, where you pay a monthly fee in return for access to (but not permanent […]