Resilience and scaling down in the face of decline (Dougald Hine discussion, part 2)

This is one of a series of interviews I’m doing on the theme of Agile Learning. See also interviews on agile learning and agile technology, hands-on alternatives to factory learning, learner-generated contexts, home schooling, peer-to-peer learning in the enterprise and creating the School of Everything. With hindsight, it was surprising that the first part of […]

Reflections on Longplayer Live

I wasn’t going to blog about today’s first live performance of Longplayer, since I go on about Longplayer fairly regularly already. But Christian Payne recorded an Audioboo interview with me, and the combination of vanity with minimal effort created a path of very low resistance, so here we are. I refer a couple of times […]

Support Longplayer Live

To the Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse today for the annual visit to the Longplayer 1,000 year composition by Jem Finer/Artangel. In 02006’s post I commented that some of the things we had hoped might happen that year had not come to pass. In this year’s photo, evidence that patience was rewarded on at least one […]

Be patient, it’s a longplayer

Another year is over, and today I made what is becoming my annual visit to the Longplayer ‘listening post’ at Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse. It seemed busier than New Year’s Eve last year. The picture on the left was taken at lunchtime in the listening post at the top of the lighthouse — it shows […]

6 down, 994 to go

Here are a couple of pictures taken this afternoon at the Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse. It was six years ago today that Jem Finer’s Longplayer composition started playing continuously, and it’s planned to keep playing until 31 December 02999, when it will start to repeat from the beginning. I wrote more about Longplayer after my […]

Why birds, and neanderthals, sing

The ‘music instinct’ is far more ancient than previously suspected, and neanderthals and birds may have been jamming before they were talking. But why do humans and birds converge on the same acoustic and aesthetic choices and why do babies respond to musical sound? … quoted from the blurb for the Play on: a journey […]