Union guide for e-learning

Another Seb Schmoller/David Jennings co-production hits the streets as you can now get E-learning in the workplace: a union negotiation and implementation guide, which the two of us researched and wrote, from this page on the TUC web site. It’s a free PDF download, or alternatively, since it’s a large full-colour file, you can request […]

What does On-Demand Media really mean?

This week Arbitron and Edison Media Research published a report of their research survey on Internet and multimedia usage, The On-demand Media Consumer. The headline result being quoted is that “One in ten Americans show a heavy preference to control their media and entertainment“. Reading the summary report, however, suggests that this conclusion is not […]

New learning styles for digital environments

Chris Dede has an interesting article in a recent issue of EDUCAUSE on how new generations are approaching learning in new ways as they take for granted web, email, instant messaging and mobile communications, distributed knowledge and associational webs of representations. He uses the term ‘neomillennial learning styles‘ though he is not using ‘learning styles’ […]

E-learning for music technology

Failures are interesting. It’s often said that we would learn more if we spoke more about our failures. But no-one really wants to look bad in public so they just publish their ‘little’ failures. Like this one, which didn’t crash and burn, it wasn’t aborted, or even stillborn, because it never got ‘fertilised’ and never […]

Classification of online music resources

After four months of keeping my bookmarks on Furl, I thought it was time to reflect on some of what I’ve collected — particularly in the music resources topic. I created the music resources topic for items — web pages, databases, print, radio, TV, film/DVD, or anything — that are about music. That includes anything […]

Notes on Playback (Mark Coleman)

The subtitle of Mark Coleman’s book, Playback is “From the Victrola to MP3, 100 Years Of Music, Machines, and Money”. It’s a story that moves to and fro, from technology (the format wars over cylinders and discs in the days of Thomas Edison) to culture (the role of the DJ in disco, reggae and rap) […]

How to teach art: notes from RSA lecture

The two-headed lecture on the topic Is the Art School Dead?, at the RSA this week, was a bit of a curate’s egg. Neither of the speakers — Professor Roger Wilson and Brian Eno — presented a very coherent argument, but they strung suggestions on loose scaffolding. (Eno appeared to be recording himself on mini-disc: […]