Second year web site charts

August is the ‘silly season’ for news and also the anniversary of this site launching in earnest. Last year I posted some ‘charts‘ for the most accessed pages and the most common search terms that led people to this site. Here is the hit parade for this year (based on statistics from the last six […]

Werner Herzog film season and conference

Coming up in London this September is a season of all Werner Herzog’s feature films, around a third of his documentaries, plus the two Les Blank documentaries about Herzog. The latter form part of a weekend conference on Herzog’s work, which also includes the UK premiere of the director’s most recent film The Wild Blue […]

Bigmouth Strikes Again — Five Eight article

My article on word-of-mouth recommendations among music fans and playlist sharing is the cover feature in the August issue of Five Eight music business magazine. Here’s the introduction (written by Five Eight editor, Eamonn Forde): Word of mouth is a term passed around the marketing playground everyday. But in a culture where the marketplace is […]

iPod death leads to music buying paralysis

Two weeks ago the hard disk on my iPod packed up, rendering it even more useless than if the battery had failed (as is more common). It’s a second generation iPod, bought in April 02003, just a few weeks before the third generation (cheaper, bigger) was announced, which made me sick as the proverbial talking […]

Aggregation of data across social networks

A few days ago Marc Canter sketched the idea of a technology to interconnect social networks together, via a post on the Pho list, and it caught my eye. “Instead of a giant centralized social network with 1,000,000 members, we’d prefer to see 1,000,000 social nets with 10-25-150 members each”, he wrote, referencing work done […]