A cure for messy music metadata?

Gracenote has added over 650,000 CDs to its database in the seven and a half months since I last checked. That’s quite a lot, and unfortunately it seems likely that there a significant number of duplicate records among them — cases where the same CD appears with the title or artist name written in a […]

Does music have a genome?

Alongside the Last.FM model of personalised online radio (which I covered at some length and have cited in several other posts), Pandora provides an alternative based on different technology and classifications: We take your input (artists, songs) and feedback (“I like this”, “I don’t like this”) and use the Music Genome Project™ to create stations […]

No Music Day

I found out rather late in the day (via the Soundscape UK email list) that today is No Music Day. This idea began with Bill Drummond, who apparently chose 21 November as it is the eve of St Cecilia’s Day — St Cecilia being the patron saint of music. The idea of No Music Day […]

Use case examples of Web 2.0

“This article may be confusing for some readers, and should be edited to enhance clarity.” That’s the editorial foreword at the top of Wikipedia’s entry for Web 2.0, an entry which says straight off, “a consensus upon [the term’s] exact meaning has not yet been reached” (all quotes as of the time of writing, but […]

Event: digital film/cinema

The informal network Cass Creatives is hosting a second event on the future of filmmaking on 30th November at City University (London, less than 200m from where I’m writing!). The last time they covered this topic the presentations and discussion were fascinating — see the official report and mine. The event is free. Here are […]

More usability nightmares with DRM

Leaving aside the moral, legal or economic arguments about Digital Rights Management (DRM), how does it affect usability and the user experience? Last week a new form of DRM used by Sony BMG CDs came to light — though it has apparently been in use since March [source] — which installs a ‘rootkit’ on Windows-based […]