Building a wiki learning resource

Over the last month I’ve built a web site that allows me to test out a few ideas about collaborative and ‘re-mixable’ learning resources. And to indulge a passion for The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs, my favourite album. 69 Love Songs information is a ‘wiki’ site. I’ve touched on wikis briefly before. The technology […]

An embarrassment of riches

I am listening to Track 8 on a D.O.R. sampler CD that came free with The Wire magazine. The packaging gives no track information, so the piece is anonymous to me. If, 15 or even 5 years ago, I had heard it on an a radio programme adventurous enough to play this ambient mix that […]

The job I’m aiming for

It’s time to come clean about the motivation behind the many articles on this site about how people learn about, and consume, music online. Yes, I am angling for work in this area. My interests are in a niche music-and-learning opportunity that I believe will emerge over the next few years. Right now this is […]

BBC interactive Media Player: news & review

There are contradictory reports about the BBC’s interactive Media Player (iMP), which would significantly extend the scope of on-demand listening and digital storage of broadcast media. Last Tuesday Netimperative quoted a BBC spokesperson saying the iMP remains an “aspirational service”, with “no concrete plans for a roll-out” of the trial service to the general public. […]

Rise of digital intermediates in D-cinema

Hollywood Reporter has a useful article on the latest trends in the impact of digital technologies in independent film-making, covering shooting, post-production, and exhibition. Some might be surprised to hear that digital mastering is leading to an increase in the use of Super 16mm film for shooting, as well as digital formats. One post-production agency […]

Guardian digital music survey

Having previously said it would be useful to see more real data about people’s listening behaviours, it’s good to see that The Guardian is running quite an extensive online survey of digital music use. Fill it in if you feel like it. [Postscript, 2 October 02004: the survey has now been withdrawn — see my […]

Web site charts

It’s a year since I started running this site. I don’t think there was a clear-cut launch date, but 15 August sticks in my mind as the first time I started posting in ‘real time’ (postings with dates earlier than that were added retrospectively to pad out the site in the early days). Here are […]

Guidance for e-learning agreements

I am working on a guide for union negotiators that will help them get to grips with e-learning deployment in all sectors, particularly corporate e-learning strategies and agreements with suppliers. The guidance will help assess the possible implications of e-learning agreements on staff and promote approaches with positive impact on them. The work has been […]