Tony Hall on teaching by not teaching

This is one of a series of interviews I’m doing on the theme of Agile Learning. See also interviews on agile learning and agile technology, hands-on alternatives to factory learning, learner-generated contexts, home schooling, peer-to-peer learning in the enterprise and creating the School of Everything. Tony Hall takes photographs and makes photomovies. At the same […]

University of Death by Sean McManus: A Review

There’s a pivotal scene in University of Death where the muso-technology geek at the heart of the story struggles to persuade the venal record industry boss to buy-in to a groundbreaking new scheme that will change the industry forever. To accomplish this, the geek plays the boss a new composition, which has been engineered to […]

The Age of the Free MP3 Player

This is the season where many bloggers are providing their predictions for the year ahead. I tend to opt out of these because a year is both too long and too short to foresee many types of change, which are like rainstorms or earthquakes: you know one’s coming, but you don’t know quite when or […]

Revisiting Subscription versus A-La-Carte models

The contention between subscription and à-la-carte models for online music has been running for at least five years, and I suspect it has at least another five years left to run. Rhapsody was the first to start offering a subscription service, where you pay a monthly fee in return for access to (but not permanent […]

UK survey of digital music and discovery

I’m posting here a duplicate of something that first appeared on my Net, Blogs and Rock’n’Roll book blog, just as a reminder to regular readers that, if postings here appear to be thin on the ground, it’s worth checking there as well. What I’d like to do is provide an RSS feed for the two […]