Does content protection undermine usability?

The INDICARE project is dedicated to researching the consumer acceptability of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in Europe — its partners include two German organisations, one Dutch, and one Hungarian. Its web site features regular and insightful articles on content protection across different platforms — mobile, Internet — and reviews from a user perspective. Usability of […]

Digital media networking meeting in London

It’s short notice, but if you’re in London tomorrow evening, and fancy meeting a group of 15-20 professionals in the new media, television, film, music, press/publishing, radio and advertising sectors — very informal over a drink or two — then please come along to this event that I’ve organised. It’s at The Gate in Farringdon […]

The Music of Loudspeakers (notes from CyberMusic event)

Having organised the three-day symposium for Cybersonica ’03 and edited the proceedings, it was a more relaxing experience to attend today’s event as a punter. (Apparently Cybersonica ’05, scheduled for late April, will return to full-length format.) My notes from the event focus mainly on Robert Worby’s talk on “The Music of Loudspeakers” and Jon […]

The economics of consumer attention

Here’s the beginning of an article I’ve written for the current issue of Five Eight — for the full article, please subscribe to Five Eight monthly. A recent survey by The Guardian asked the question “Where do you go to find out what music to listen to?” Of the sixteen options they listed as possible […]

Learning songcraft via the web

The Edutainment field has, deservedly, got itself a bad name for not delivering on its promises. Often the premise has been that people see learning as boring or stodgy, so it has to be smuggled in, Trojan-horse-style, under the guise of a game or a celebrity-driven story. The Radio 2 Sold on Song web site […]

iPods, podcasting and learning

A couple of weeks ago I speculated about podcasting breaking out of traditional radio and journalism models to find new applications. Since then, I’ve found that many people are ahead of me in thinking about applications, particularly to learning. I first came across Podcasting for Education by D’Arcy Norman, which makes some suggestions for using […]