6 down, 994 to go

Here are a couple of pictures taken this afternoon at the Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse. It was six years ago today that Jem Finer’s Longplayer composition started playing continuously, and it’s planned to keep playing until 31 December 02999, when it will start to repeat from the beginning. I wrote more about Longplayer after my […]

Resonance FM — five more years

Congratulations to Resonance FM on being awarded a five-year licence to continue its broadcasts. Resonance is a ‘radio art’ station catering for minority interests (I like Peter Cusack’s environmental recordings series and my friend Eric Namour’s [no.signal] shows of ambient, improv and electronica music, for example), and it started broadcasting three and half years ago. […]

Musical Battleground — article in The Spectator

My article under the title Musical Battleground is in the arts section of the Christmas issue of The Spectator, out today. It covers the remixing potential of digital media, using the BBC Creative Archive and The Grey Album as examples. Here’s an excerpt: But are the products of this ‘remix culture’ any good? Though technology […]

E-learning 2.0, whatever that is

What is E-learning 2.0? Well first of all it’s a rhetorical manoeuvre by e-learning suppliers and consultants to distance themselves from the failures of the first wave of e-learning. Secondly it appears to be the bastard neologism offspring of e-learning and Web 2.0 technologies. I only came across the term yesterday when I did some […]

Why birds, and neanderthals, sing

The ‘music instinct’ is far more ancient than previously suspected, and neanderthals and birds may have been jamming before they were talking. But why do humans and birds converge on the same acoustic and aesthetic choices and why do babies respond to musical sound? … quoted from the blurb for the Play on: a journey […]