Developments in digital radio

For some reason I missed this Guardian article about digital radio and technology wars at the start of this month. It includes much talking up of the additional features coming to radio (pause, rewind, text and even, whoopee, purchasing opportunities) and some quotes such as “People are impatient — they want someone to do the […]

The Sound of Life

Just started this evening: a series of programmes on BBC Radio 4 called The Sound of Life, which covers the history of sound and hearing. The first programme goes back to the first sounds on earth — all water related: waves, rain, rivers and glaciers — before any ears had evolved to hear them. Here’s […]

Maybe iPods are the end of radio after all?

So there I was, saying that random-play iPods do not a personalised radio station make, and just a few days later someone publishes expensive research saying the opposite (Media Guardian article, requires free registration): “One of radio’s main perceived strengths is its spontaneity… iPod can even emulate that with shuffle technology,” the research company says. […]

BBC 6 Music as a learning resource

Born in the digital era, BBC 6 Music is a radio station at the intersection of traditional ‘wireless’ programming and less linear, on-demand access to audio and supporting material. It’s in the vanguard of mixed (old and new) media and the BBC governors apparently want it to go further and “heighten the level of interactivity, […]

Jem Finer on music and creative commons

Jem Finer has an article in today’s Guardian giving his perspective on the history and future of copying music outside the normal bounds of copyright control. He includes reference to Gilberto Gil, who — as Brazil’s culture minister — is adopting Creative Commons for his own work. The Brazilian government has been making lots of […]

The new gatekeepers for discovering music

As the means of accessing and consuming music change, so do the kinds of intermediaries who act as ‘gatekeepers’ controlling how listeners can discover new music. If you’re shopping at the iTunes Music Store, surfing among thousands of online radio stations with Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, or using ‘personalised’ streaming services like Last.FM, then […]