Impact of DVDs on film aesthetics

There’s a very interesting article by Mark Cousins about the implications of the ‘DVD revolution’ on the film industry in the March issue of Prospect. DVDs are apparently the “fastest growing entertainment technology of all time,” and Cousins suggests some reasons why this technology has been embraced when the introduction of CDs took much longer. […]

BBC Creative Archive and ‘Martini Media’

There are several interesting points in this speech by the BBC’s Director of New Media & Technology. The points that caught my attention were: the first use I have seen of the term ‘Martini Media’ — anytime, anyplace, anywhere — to denote a concept I have elsewhere referred to as ubiquitous access; some pointers to […]

More Werner Herzog Quotes

I recently read Paul Cronin’s Herzog on Herzog and collected a few choice quotes about filmmaking and the perspectives that inform it. I’ve added these to my page of Herzog quotes — which seems to meet some kind of demand, if the number of Google searches it attracts is anything to go on. The page […]


Here are a couple of photos, taken with my mobile phone, from a trip to Dungeness this afternoon. We visited Derek Jarman’s garden. Google has just found me a Guardian article which gives an excellent introduction to the area and the story of how Jarman came to live there.

Simple overview of e-learning standards

At a meeting this week (the Advisory Board of CIPD’s Certificate in Online Learning) the vexed question of Why are there so many e-learning standards, and how do they relate to each other? came up. I busked an answer, and as sometimes (but not always!) happens the busked version came out more articulate and concise […]

Sunday afternoon anarchists

I’m spending part of my Sunday reading Boff Whalley’s book Footnote*, and am tickled as usual by the awkward frisson that someone as bourgeois as me loves Boff’s band Chumbawamba and the anarchist ideas they stand for. (It was the same when I bought the Dead Kennedys’ Holiday in Cambodia, with its lyric: “Play ethnicky […]

Pretending he just doesn’t see?

Asking rhetorical questions of politicians from the safety of your own web site is a cheap and easy way of scoring points without any serious risk of comeback from the other side, but I can’t let one of Geoff Hoon’s statements in this Time Out interview go unremarked. Commenting on his love for early Bob […]