Round-up of talk and interviews

In a brisk (?!) follow-up to my last blog entry, I did a talk to teenagers from three Sheffield schools on the subject “Big Brother is Logging You”, sharing the platform with Dave Pattern, Library Systems Manager at University of Huddersfield, who also featured in the TILE libraries event. This was part of the Sheffield […]

Social media old and new: two contrasting networks

It’s a year since I did a ‘compare and contrast’ blog post about two initiatives to build networking activity. To recap briefly, the RSA is a 254-year-old membership organisation devoted to art, design, business and the environment, currently with around 28,000 ‘fellows’, which launched a Networks initiative on 22 November 02007 (I didn’t go). The […]

Does the nature of social networks limit their growth?

One idea in John Naughton’s 02007 round-up/02008 predictions struck me: that social networks like MySpace and Facebook “are likely to peak because ego-centric social networking is intrinsically limiting: after you’ve ‘befriended’ everyone you know, what else is there to do?”. He continues, Next year will see mass outbreaks of a Facebook fatigue, as busy professionals […]

More on building networks

Photo copyright and cc-licensedby Lloyd Davis. It was about 15 years ago, as I was planning my escape from my job in the civil service, that I became interested in the activity of networking — both personal networking (as a way of finding new work opportunities) and the creation of networks that make links between […]