Of Walking in Ice, in Hertfordshire

“Tourism is sin, and travel on foot virtue,” said Werner Herzog, in one of his famous dictums. So would he see 1st Framework’s Of Walking in Ice day-long event, themed round his book of the same name, as a mixed blessing? Our group of around twenty met at 8.30 at Kings Cross station on a […]

RadioSHARK (post postscript)

In the interests of comprehensiveness — as well as a little bit of banging on that “I’m right, you know” — I risk being boring by adding one more new development to my list of gadgets that pre-figure a future of martini (ubiquitous, on-demand) media. This follows an original article on this subject, and a […]

Forced Entertainment: Indoor Fireworks festival

I’m just back from seeing Instructions for Forgetting, the opening piece of Forced Entertainment‘s two-week Indoor Fireworks festival, which made me realise I should have plugged the festival before now, and I’ve been neglecting the Cultural Calendar section of this site. As well as six performances of their new work, Bloody Mess, next week — […]

Pressure building for access to BBC radio archives

A month after Ofcom’s mutterings about enforced licensing of the BBC’s radio archive, a new report commissioned by DCMS concludes “The BBC should examine how it can enter into joint ventures with the commercial sector when considering future archive-based services.” The message seems to be that if the BBC isn’t making active use of its […]

Ecademy networking meeting for media sector

Speaking of social software (see previous posting), if you’re in striking distance of London and interested in meeting people working in the design, new media, Internet, television, film, computer entertainment, music, press/publishing, radio and advertising sectors, you’re invited to a meeting I’ve organised through the Ecademy online and offline network. Here are the details of […]

Article on the evolution of social software

Christopher Allan’s Life with Alacrity blog has an amazing article Tracing the Evolution of Social Software, which manages to be both comprehensive and concise in covering almost fifty years of people using software for organising themselves collaboratively. Allan covers all the key visionary figures, including Doug Englebart and the Johnson-Lenz’s. I saw the latter give […]