Online Business Networking

After six months developing this site, I can tell I’m not a natural ‘blogger.’ I find it difficult to write in ‘bite size’ chunks: if I’m going to cover something, I want to do the ‘full meal’ and say all the things I have to say about the topic. So, I’m at my most bloggish […]

Douglas Coupland play: September 10

Douglas Coupland is scheduled to perform his first play September 10 at the RSC in Stratford-on-Avon in October. Neither the news page on his web site nor a Google search reveal any more details at the time of writing. Whereas his recent novels have been preoccupied with how people respond to trauma, the title suggests […]

Digital versus analogue

This article reports how the American Society of Cinematographers is responding to digital cinema (with thanks to the E-cinema Alert for this link). While they seem to be embracing digital cinema, it’s interesting to read the comment that ‘major’ movies are expected to be shot on film for many years yet: “The studios are not, […]

Review of John Cage weekend

Here’s a review of the John Cage Uncaged weekend festival that I wrote a few weeks ago. In hindsight perhaps it was inevitable that the most successful parts of the BBC Symphony Orchestra’s long weekend dedicated to John Cage would be the music that was made in the intervals between the headline concerts. Cage and […]

Why digitise cultural collections?

The Facet Publishing web site currently has a free download of the first chapter of Lorna Hughes’ recent book, Digitizing Collections: strategic issues for the information manager. This 28-page chapter introduces the costs and benefits of digitisation in a very straightforward and easy-to-read manner. The book appears to be aimed mainly at curators, librarians and […]

Yoko Ono – Odyssey of a cockroach

I was sent an invitation to the press view of this installation — apparently by accident, but they let me in anyway — so I thought I’d write about it. Here’s the ‘virtual tour‘ and here are the details of the installation’s current showing. Cockroaches are a strong and resilient species; they will probably outlast […]

Social software and venture capital

I’m considering doing a proper review posting on ‘social software’ at some point — sites like Ryze, LinkedIn, Friendster, and the one I use, Ecademy, which provide means to broaden your network of contacts. But in the meantime, I recommend the admirably cynical comments of Venture Capitalist Jon Staenberg on the sector. Sample quotes: “Let’s […]

Usability of Online Content

I read the paper A Usability Study for Promoting eContent in Higher Education because the title promises a lot — how to optimise the usability of all that stuff we put online, so that people can learn from it — and I wanted to see whether the authors would pull it off. I think the […]