“Culture Online” first projects announced

The UK Government has announced the first seven projects it will be supporting under the £13 million Culture Online initiative. The objectives of this initiative include “to open up our cultural institutions to the wider community, to promote lifelong learning and social cohesion [and to] extend the reach of new technologies and build IT skills […]

More on the Future of Music

Following my earlier posting about projecting the experience of music into the future, there’s an article by Adam Sweeting in the current RSA Journal with projections for how recorded music will be bought and sold [link to RSA Journal current issue page | download article directly]. I think some of the arguments in the article […]

Boyle Family – London Sound Study

Of all the shows on offer in East London’s just-completed F–EST weekend, I was most excited by the prospect of a sonic art piece by the Boyle Family. The Boyle Family are best known for their forty-year (and counting) series of three dimensional relief sculptures of squares of ground, chosen randomly. These include concrete pavement […]

John Cage Uncaged – January 2004

I picked up details of this major three-day weekend festival of Cage-related events around the Barbican. Over ten concerts (some of them free), four feature-length films — plus a 3’50” film version of Wagner’s Ring Cycle — and a string of talks. As well as Cage, there are performances of pieces by Satie, Varèse, LaMonte […]

Life After Fire: Werner Herzog

I’ve made a couple of additions to the Werner Herzog weblinks that I originally collected and curated a couple of years ago for the Showroom cinema. [Update, 02005: I’m no longer maintaining the Showroom weblinks site, but have transferred and updated all the links in my Werner Herzog Archive on Furl.] You might not want […]

LeTTOL wins National Training Award

Congratulations to the Learning to Teach On-Line team for winning a National Training Award last night for the LeTTOL course. I believe this may be the first e-learning course to be awarded an NTA. Having done the course myself in 1998, and worked with some of its main architects since before then, the LeTTOL team […]

Age and Unrest

In an article in Prospect Magazine, David Willets MP (yes, I know!) develops a speculative argument from the stunning statistic that, of the 25 countries with the youngest populations, 16 have experienced major civil conflict since 1995. (By comparison, among countries with the oldest populations, only Croatia has been involved in conflict in the last […]

Eno on the Long Now

For one week from the time of this posting you can hear an interview with Brian Eno in which he discusses the Long Now Foundation (as discussed here a few days ago), and his exploration of bell sounds as ‘demonstrations’ for the 10,000 year clock project. (Don’t be put off if the radio stream starts […]