Be patient, it’s a longplayer

Another year is over, and today I made what is becoming my annual visit to the Longplayer ‘listening post’ at Trinity Buoy Wharf lighthouse. It seemed busier than New Year’s Eve last year. The picture on the left was taken at lunchtime in the listening post at the top of the lighthouse — it shows […]

Blogs, wikis, ‘voice’ and accountability

Photo copyright and cc-licensedby extranoise. In the course of writing my book, I started by describing blogs and wikis as two examples of the same thing — user-generated content. Towards the end of the book, I came up against the ways in which they are opposites: blogs reinforce individual voices, points of view and attitudes, […]

Back in the blogging seat

After a couple of months of inactivity blog-wise, I’m returning to the scene, and hoping I haven’t lost everyone who used to visit here. I’ve actually been back in action since the beginning of the month, but mostly on other sites. Check my Net, Blogs and Rock’n’Roll blog for a couple of entries last week. […]