How boring is the e-learning market?

Having finally moved home and got Christmas out of the way, it’s time for some not-very-seasonal, scroogy observations on the Future of UK E-learning Market event. In 1997 the Internet was really getting under the skin of many in what was then called the Computer-Based Training (CBT) industry. The Net’s limited bandwidth and generic browser-based […]

Spam for Christmas

According to a feature on BBC News, “40% of emails sent are thought to be spam” and “British workers spend up to an hour a day clearing their inboxes of junk e-mails.” I’ve been away from my desk for just under 100 hours over Christmas. During which time 596 messages hit my in-box. Of these […]

Music from North Korea

I remember hearing John Cage being interviewed sometime in the late ’80s: he was asked what type of music he recommended people to listen to. The question seemed to expect an answer in terms of current schools of composition, but Cage typically confounded this and shifted the frame. Listen to the music that your political […]


I’m effectively shutting up shop for a few days as I move home and office. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve updated my full contact details, so please note these if you’re interested!

Digital cinema and changing film aesthetics

Thanks to planning my move of home/office, it’s taken me over a week to collect my thoughts on a debate on the impact of digital technologies on the film industry, which was organised by Cass Creatives. Happily this delay has saved me time, since Interactive KnowHow has now posted a comprehensive eight page report on […]