Event: Future of the UK e-learning market

The line-up for this e-learning event in London on 15 December includes a good number of influential people and interesting speakers such as Diana Laurillard and Donald Clark (plus a few who I feel deserve less influence) — Laurillard will be presenting the DfES’s unified e-learning Strategy consultation document. It looks good value at £110 […]

Skills for Online Teaching

Why do resources become more reference-worthy when other people refer to them? I suppose it’s another of those success-breeds-success network effects. So it’s only now that Stephen Downes has seen fit to comment on it, that I get round to referencing a document that Seb Schmoller compiled of contributions from me and other e-learning professionals. […]

Digital convergence and music (business) resources

MusicAlly publishes a fortnightly trade report on the impact of digital technologies on the music business, with the emphasis on business. The free sample issue is more concerned with intellectual property rights, licensing and “what’s to be done about file sharing” than about music per se. The most interesting and music-related features for me are […]

Accreditation for learning technologists

I’m part of a team that is starting an assignment to develop and pilot an accreditation framework for learning technologists. The work has been commissioned by the Association for Learning Technology. Our team includes people with good learning technology contacts in Higher Education, Further Education and commercial sector: David Kay and I are covering the […]

Imminent relocation of office and home

Just confirmed today: this is where I’ll be living and working in a few weeks’ time (once I’ve got all the necessary communications installed). My new address will be 14 Chequer Court, 3 Chequer Street, London EC1Y 8PW — it’s just 150m from where William Blake is buried (map), but until the final move date […]

Larking about with Sonic Art

For the last few Saturdays I’ve been doing Thomas Gardner’s Sonic Arts course at the Mary Ward Centre. Today we moved from theory to practice, and started experimenting with applying various effects to soundscape recordings we’d made, using Max/MSP for the treatments. There will be a performance of our collective composition, using live manipulations of […]

#2 Past Projections of Future User Interfaces

The Starfire video prototype, produced by Bruce Tognazzini and colleagues at Sun Microsystems, was explicitly conceived as a kind of response to Apple’s Knowledge Navigator (described in my posting a couple of days ago). But Starfire set itself a harder challenge by focusing on a scenario exactly ten years in the future (Knowledge Navigator was […]

Online Courses in Contemporary Art Announced

When I wrote about the Tate Galleries’ e-learning resources a couple of months ago I said I didn’t know of any major arts/culture organisations offering full accredited courses by e-learning. Since then the Tate has announced details of two new online courses. The Level 1 course is free and starts in January 2004. It looks […]