Trends and substitution between media platforms

Tell me if I’m misinterpreting this graph (based on an Ofcom report, via a BBC news story), but I think it’s saying that the time young people spend on the net comes particularly at the expense of time they might otherwise have spent on print media (magazines, local and national newspapers). Conversely the time middle-aged […]

Third year web site charts

This is my annual round-up of the most commonly accessed pages on this site and the most common search terms that lead people to it. I do it every August, partly because it seems like a slow month, and partly to mark the anniversary of the site. Here are the equivalent charts for the first […]

Playlist services: Mixlister review and FIQL re-vamp

A couple of updates about playlist services. Cloudbrain contacted me last month to let me know about about Mixlister, their new playlist sharing service. This comes at a time when GoFish has withdrawn from playlist services, FIQL and MyStrands are enhancing their offerings, and some others (e.g. Upto11) appear to have remained unchanged for the […]