Rise of digital intermediates in D-cinema

Hollywood Reporter has a useful article on the latest trends in the impact of digital technologies in independent film-making, covering shooting, post-production, and exhibition.
Some might be surprised to hear that digital mastering is leading to an increase in the use of Super 16mm film for shooting, as well as digital formats. One post-production agency reports seeing 50% 35mm film, 30% High Definition video (digital), and 20% Super 16mm film. One factor in the return of 16mm, is the increased use of digital intermediate (DI) mastering. A digital intermediate digitises an entire film with a scanner, creating digital image files that can be manipulated with color grading and special effects, and then ‘output’ in a variety of forms.

Celebrated cinematographer (and occasional director) Haskell Wexler comments pragmatically that “All technological trends in the present culture are driven by economics”.
Digital Producer magazine also has a review of ‘budget’ digital intermediate techniques for independent film-makers. For general context, see my earlier posting, Notes and resources on digital cinema.

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