Boyle Family – London Sound Study

Of all the shows on offer in East London’s just-completed F–EST weekend, I was most excited by the prospect of a sonic art piece by the Boyle Family.
The Boyle Family are best known for their forty-year (and counting) series of three dimensional relief sculptures of squares of ground, chosen randomly. These include concrete pavement (as on show today, including manhole cover), rippled sand, and arctic tundra. The whole basis of the work is how closely it resembles the real thing as a 1:1 representation. So it was a bit of surprise — and not a very happy one — that their presentation of their London Sound Study (79 one-minute recordings made at random locations in the city) was played back using a small CD ‘boom box’ in the corner of their project space.
I found a recent interview with Sebastian Boyle in which he refers to the Sound Study, but sadly gives no insight into the Boyle’s motivation or goals for moving into this new dimension. Anyone know any more?

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  1. i like to have a full study of proffessional sound if possible.
    best regards

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