UKLeaP learner profile published by BSI

A piece of work to which I completed my contribution almost two years ago has finally seen the light of day. The UK lifelong learner information profile (UKLeaP) has not been published as a British Standard, as originally expected, but as a ‘Draft for Development’. I think this reflects some ongoing debates among different standards bodies and regimes, trying to bring their different perspectives into harmony.

  • Part 1 (DD 8788-1:2006, £20) is a guide to UKLeaP specification, aiming to help people who develop, select or implement software that makes use of learner information;
  • Part 2 (DD 8788-2:2006, £40) is a code of practice aimed at analysts and other people interested in designing and specifying systems that are to comply with the UKLeaP specification;
  • Part 3 (DD 8788-3:2006, £90) is the specification itself.

I’m sorry things have been quiet here recently: I went cross-country skiing for the first time two weeks ago, and returned with the obligatory fracture (to my elbow), which was followed by a chest infection. I’ve got plenty of things to post, but am still recovering and catching up with things like VAT returns.

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