RadioSHARK (post postscript)

In the interests of comprehensiveness — as well as a little bit of banging on that “I’m right, you know” — I risk being boring by adding one more new development to my list of gadgets that pre-figure a future of martini (ubiquitous, on-demand) media. This follows an original article on this subject, and a first postscript.
Griffin Technology’s radioSHARK is a $70 (less than £40) device that you plug into your USB port, allowing you to schedule recording of FM and AM radio programmes onto your hard disk, and then move them directly onto your iPod. It does for FM/AM what the Bug does for DAB digital radio, with the added advantage that whatever your record is already on your hard disk.
At the time of writing, the radioSHARK is available via the Apple store in the US, but not the UK. I don’t know what’s behind this, or if and when it’s likely to change. It works with Macs and PCs.

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