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Futurelab, the Brussels-based marketing and strategy innovation company (not to be confused with NESTA Futurelab in the UK), are now syndicating some of the articles from this blog on their site — see their announcement today.
Futurelab’s blog assembles the best articles from a group of fifteen bloggers (so far; I am the most recent addition). I say ‘the best’ — the selection of articles is all down to them; it’s interesting to me to see what other people see as interesting… Here’s a full list of the twelve articles of mine on Futurelab’s blog at the time of writing. (A small note about the Spectator article: I’m about to make the full version freely available when I get a few minutes.)

Under the terms of the Creative Commons licence I use for this site, anyone is welcome to copy articles as long as they make it clear that I wrote them, and provide some link back to me. The licence also says that any derivatives must be published under the same licence, and “you may not use this work for commercial purposes”. That is not intended as a universal prohibition: what it means, as far as I am concerned, is that, if you want to use an article commercially, please ask me, so we can discuss terms. I’m unlikely to drive a hard bargain, unless you’re Microsoft or News International, and I wouldn’t normally count something like a few Google ads as ‘commercial purposes’.
Back to Futurelab, do have a look at the rest of their site. I was interested to see that they, like me, are fond of Ashley Highfield’s term martini media.

One thought on “Now appearing on Futurelab’s blog

  1. Hi David,
    It was actually the use of the term Martini Media that had me find you – I was looking around curiously who else had picked up that term, and found your site.
    We approached you as a potential contributor on account of your insights on the crossroads of music and social media. In this world of flatness and convergence, it’s the crossroads where the interesting interactions take place.
    Keep up the good work!

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