makes personal radio stations easily shareable

I like this. In the new beta version of, you can now share different playlists with others via an embedded Flash player, like this:

That playlist is my ‘loved tracks’ on, but you can also hear all the artists and tracks I’ve tagged as ‘french’ or those any of my other most frequently used tags. The beta service is only available to subscribers at present, so that link may not work for ordinary mortals until it comes out of beta — which is usually a couple of weeks or so [Update: tested and confirmed that it doesn’t work, so try this link from February].
By the way, the deadline for the ‘final draft’ of my book is 9th February, which is why it’s gone a little quiet around here once more. Back soon.

2 thoughts on “ makes personal radio stations easily shareable

  1. Hi David
    Thanks for this post. I love this feature as well, but it seems to have disappeared off my pages. Same for you or am I missing something?

  2. I’ve still got access to the feature. From my profile page, I click ‘show all ?? stations’ (21 in my case), and each one has a ‘share this station’ link next to it.
    I did notice that the link for my personal station is the same as the link for my recommendations. I didn’t think they were necessarily the same thing, but I haven’t thought about in depth!

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