Hibernation and software upgrade

As regular readers will have noticed, I’ve been posting here much less frequently in the past couple of months. This will continue at least until December, as I am being pretty single-minded about completing the first draft of my book. Normal service will return in due course.
The software that this blog runs on was upgraded last week. For most use, you won’t notice any difference — at least until I start using some of the extra features now available to me. The exception to this is if you’re making comments. The comment system is much better at handling comment spam, of which I get a lot. Unfortunately, though, there is a glitch at the moment: if you try to enter a comment, you will be able to preview it fine, but when you try to post it, you will end at a blank page. Although this is disconcerting and unhelpful, your comment has been registered on the system, and will appear on the site as soon as I review it. When the glitch is fixed, the comment system will also enable TypeKey registered users to post without being moderated by me.

[Update, 5 December 02005: The comment system and Typekey integration problems are proving to be beyond the limited time and expertise I can bring to them. I’m not impressed with this part of Movable Type. If anyone has any tips or hints about what is required to make this work, please let me know. I’m pretty sure it’s not in the documentation, but if it is, please point me to it.]

2 thoughts on “Hibernation and software upgrade

  1. Hopefully the ‘comment pending’ problem is now fixed (though we still don’t have TypeKey authentication enabled). Let me know if you experience any difficulties.

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