Event: digital film/cinema

The informal network Cass Creatives is hosting a second event on the future of filmmaking on 30th November at City University (London, less than 200m from where I’m writing!).
The last time they covered this topic the presentations and discussion were fascinating — see the official report and mine.
The event is free. Here are details and booking (also here).

Speakers include Kate Ogborn and the ubiquitous Anthony Lilley. Kate was executive producer of the film This is Not a Love Song, which was distributed partly via the Internet in an experiment I covered in the early days of this site. Anthony seems to be at most seminars I go to, including yesterday’s, where he spoke about the excellent FourDocs project. More about the project, or the seminar, or both, to come on this site shortly.
Update, 11 December 02005: The Interactive Knowhow page now has a short summary of the event, and a more extensive report to download (pdf file, 63 KB).

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