Do we need an agile learning community of practice?

Here’s are the slides for the presentation I gave last Friday at the Be Bettr conference.

Click through to the slideshare page to read the speaker notes for each slide. From my position on the stage, I didn’t feel that the delivery was my finest hour, so you’re not missing much by not having been there… But the question in the title slide is a genuine, open one for me, so I’d be very grateful for any thoughts and comments, either here, privately or via twitter.
See also Patrick Hadfield’s reflections on his involvement in putting together the Unplugged newspaper. [Update, 20 January: and Paul Miller’s record of his presentation, which preceded mine.]

3 thoughts on “Do we need an agile learning community of practice?

  1. Hey David!
    I definitely think we could benefit from exchanging ideas with people who are all trying something that they call agile learning (even to examine what we mean by agile learning.
    It would also be helpful to discuss tools that we might find helpful (I’d started discussing learning goals and am currently trying to work on an open-source tool enabling learners to control their own learning and facilitators to help lots of individual learners, and would love to have discussions with others considering similar tools or approaches – 1 min. demo of Learning Goals/Goal Tracker).
    I’m not sure if that’s the sense in which you were asking the question?

  2. Hi Michael,
    The question is an open one for me, and I suspect it’s premature to be restrictive about what — exactly — we mean by agile learning.
    So, yes, I think you’ve got the right end of my question, and I’d love to exchange ideas. The tool you describe sounds like a very useful approach to enable self-organised learning.
    I’ve posted a comment to your blog post, and will be in touch by other means… don’t know how we managed not to ‘bump into’ each other before, but glad we have now.

  3. Hi David,
    I thought your talk at be bettr was good. I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to incorporate them into a new business I am launching in Sep 11. I envisage a way for learners to be able to bring together and organise their learning goals in a way that others can view and contribute to, including the submission of relevant resources. We are mostly web based learning with a speciality in live online learning. it would be good to chat more about this with you.

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