Second year web site charts

August is the ‘silly season’ for news and also the anniversary of this site launching in earnest. Last year I posted some ‘charts‘ for the most accessed pages and the most common search terms that led people to this site. Here is the hit parade for this year (based on statistics from the last six […]

Happy Birthday Frukt!

From today’s Five Eight daily email: It’s our birthday today. We are four. To celebrate, we ask that your gift to us is that you let any colleagues/friends/contacts or clients know about us. It isn’t always easy being the little guy, so please know that your support of FRUKT/Five Eight is very much appreciated. They’re […]

Twelve thousand people are buried here

Until this week there was a playground here. You may be able just to make out the yellow seats of a see-saw, slightly to the left of the centre of the picture. But on Monday the sounds of innocent play mingled with the incipient bullying of older children were replaced by buzz saws and diggers. […]

Bill makes it chic to be a communist again

I’m a bit behind the breaking news here, but this Wired News article brought me up to speed on how Bill Gates has branded those who propose reforms to intellectual property regulation, to adapt them to the Internet age, as “modern-day sort of communists”. He further asserts that these people “want to get rid of […]