Trends and substitution between media platforms

Tell me if I’m misinterpreting this graph (based on an Ofcom report, via a BBC news story), but I think it’s saying that the time young people spend on the net comes particularly at the expense of time they might otherwise have spent on print media (magazines, local and national newspapers). Conversely the time middle-aged […]

Third year web site charts

This is my annual round-up of the most commonly accessed pages on this site and the most common search terms that lead people to it. I do it every August, partly because it seems like a slow month, and partly to mark the anniversary of the site. Here are the equivalent charts for the first […]

Top online brands and the calculation of charts

My friends at Futurelab have posted their own chart of the Top 100 Online Brands, as an alternative to that provided by Interbrand (here’s Interbrand’s 02005 list, with the 02006 one due soon [Update, 28 July: the link to 02005 list now redirects to the 02006 list]). What does a chart of brands mean, and […]

Why is Pandora big in Beverly Hills?

An amusing little bit of trivia about Pandora, the online music discovery service that I’ve written about a few times (here’s my most in-depth review). Yesterday’s CNET News feature on Pandora mentions in passing that the most popular zip code of Pandora users is Beverly Hills’ 90210. Pandora is only licensed in the US. To […]

About blog updates

If anyone reading this has experience of running two blogs that overlap in their coverage, I’d be interested in your advice on the following issue. Much of what I write on this blog is a by-product of my work and the wider interests that surround it. At the moment my work is almost exclusively on […]

Now appearing on Futurelab’s blog

Futurelab, the Brussels-based marketing and strategy innovation company (not to be confused with NESTA Futurelab in the UK), are now syndicating some of the articles from this blog on their site — see their announcement today. Futurelab’s blog assembles the best articles from a group of fifteen bloggers (so far; I am the most recent […]

New section archives

I’ve gone through all the 279 entries on this site and classified them according to 14 new ‘secondary’ categories, which complement the primary categories included as tabs on each page (E-learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Music & Multimedia, Cultural Calendar). And I’ve changed the home page so that it links to these ‘Section Archives’ instead of the […]