Can we make a newspaper about self-organised learning?

Editorial meeting at the Royal Festival HallI’m still digesting the eight interviews I’ve done on these pages in recent months under the Agile Learning banner. (I know, I know: if I haven’t digested them yet, how must you feel?) A few kind souls say there’s some valuable stuff in them, and a handful have even taken on the challenge of producing a newspaper that uses the interviews as a starting point.
This is an experiment — which means it may fail to achieve the goals we have in mind now, but equally it may lead to other outcomes we haven’t anticipated. The immediate goal we have in mind is to have the newspaper ready by the second week in January, for distribution to attendees at the Learning without Frontiers and Be Bettr conferences. (I’m also speaking at the latter, but don’t let that put you off registering — only £10 with the discount code “b3b3ttr” on the registration page.)
We will be editing the interviews to be much shorter and aiming to present them in a more fun, irreverent style, a little more lively than their dry presentation here.
We had an initial meeting to kick this off yesterday (pictured). Fancy joining in? This is an open project with no money changing hands, aside from the physical production costs of the newspaper which I’m underwriting from DJ Alchemi. We may have one or two face-to-face meetings in London, but most activities will be coordinated via a wiki along with email, twitter and suchlike. Help with creative layout design would be especially welcome, so if you know anyone…

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