BBC Music web resources updated and integrated

BBC Music Artists and AlbumsIt’s been a long time (2.5 years) since I wrote much about the BBC’s online music resources. Though I still use these resources fairly frequently, I don’t always do so particularly attentively (if you know what I mean), so I don’t know if the changes I noticed today are very recent or months old.
Previously I grumbled that there were multiple BBC profiles of bands like The Smiths that seemed independent and unaware of each other. Things are much better now, with a single Artists and Albums section. Every page within that section has sections for related material ‘elsewhere on the BBC’ and ‘elsewhere on the Web’, as in the new profile for The Smiths. There’s an RSS feed for new album reviews. I’d still like some feed or other alert to tell me when the next broadcast featuring, say, The Smiths is coming up.
The BBC used to license some of its artist profiles from Muze. To be honest, these profiles were not good: flat text, poorly laid out (requiring clicking through several pages). They’ve gone now, replaced by the BBC’s own commissioned and user-generated content, plus links to Wikipedia and All Music Guide. If you look at 6 Music’s Album of the Day page, you’ll see a mix of links within the BBC, to Wikipedia, and (at the time of writing) one to Ink Blot magazine. There have been previous cases of online sites like GoFish and placing their trust in Wikipedia instead of licensing commercial sources like Muze or AMG, but is the BBC the first large traditional media corporation to do so?

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