Are you red/green colour-blind?

Shocking confession: the DJ Alchemi web site has had a red/green colour scheme for over six years and I’ve never looked into (or even considered) how it looks to colour-blind people. Jakob Nielsen’s latest guidelines for visualising links identify potential risks for using red and green for link colours. This article on colour-blindness and web page design suggests that some people may not be able to distinguish the red colour of unvisited links on this site. Here’s a test for colour-blindness.
So if you know you are red/green colour-blind, can I ask a favour: please could you post a public comment or send me a private message to let me know whether you can distinguish (a) the links on the right hand navigation of the home page (especially those in ‘This Month’), (b) the difference between visited and unvisited links in the postings, and (c) any change when you put your mouse over the navigation tabs above, plus any other problems you have with the site? Many thanks!

3 thoughts on “Are you red/green colour-blind?

  1. I was just wandering what does it mean if in the bottom test you can see both a 5 and a 2.
    And the 6 In the top test looks a bit like an 8
    sorry for asking a weird question
    from Alexandria Dallow

  2. Alexandria,
    I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that if you can see the ‘right’ (i.e. no colour-blindness) answers at all, then the chances are that you are not colour-blind.

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